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An Opinionated Guide to ML Research

In this essay, I provide some advice to up-and-coming researchers in machine learning (ML), based on my experience doing research and advising others. The advice covers how to choose problems and organize your time.

US court fully legalized website scraping and technically prohibited it

This is a really important decision. The court not only legalized this practice, but also prohibited competitors from removing information from your site automatically if the site is public. The court confirmed the clear logic that the entry of the web scraper bot is not legally different from the entry of the browser. In both cases, the “user” requests open data — and does something with it on their side.

NVIDIA DALI: Speeding up PyTorch

Some techniques to improve DALI resource usage & create a completely CPU-based pipeline. Up to 4x faster PyTorch training.

How to Solve a Basic Reinforcement Learning Example

In this recorded live stream I solve a basic reinforcement learning example, what you might consider a hello world for RL. Specifically I set up and solve an arbitrary maze using the Q Learning algorithm. The example is coded in Python and is done from scratch. I know the video is long but everything is covered at a basic level and should be very accessible.

CausalNex: A library that helps to infer causation over correlation

CausalNex is a Python library that allows data scientists and domain experts to co-develop models that go beyond correlation and consider causal relationships. ‘CasualNex’ provides a practical ‘what if’ library which is deployed to test scenarios using Bayesian Networks (BNs).