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Build a commission-free algo-trading bot by machine learning quarterly earnings reports

The following is a complete guide that will teach you how to create your own algorithmic trading bot that will make trades based on quarterly earnings reports (10-Q) filed to the SEC by publicly traded US companies. We will cover everything from downloading historical 10-Q filings, cleaning the text, and building your machine learning model. The training set for the ML model uses the text from these historical filings and the next-day price action after the filing as the feature label.

Machine learning has revealed exactly how much of a Shakespeare play was written by someone else

Literary analysts have long noticed the hand of another author in Shakespeare’s Henry VIII. Now a neural network has identified the specific scenes in question—and who actually wrote them.

Neural Networks: Feedforward and Backpropagation Explained

What is neural networks? Developers should understand backpropagation, to figure out why their code sometimes does not work. Visual and down to earth explanation of the math of backpropagation.

Metaflow: A framework for real-life data science

Metaflow makes it quick and easy to build and manage real-life data science projects.

End to End Machine Learning: From Data Collection to Deployment 🚀

In this post, we'll go through the necessary steps to build and deploy a machine learning application. This starts from data collection to deployment and the journey, as you'll see it, is exciting and fun 😀.