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Graphical Models for Processing Missing Data

This paper reviews recent advances in missing data research using graphical models to represent multivariate dependencies. We first examine the limitations of traditional frameworks from three different perspectives.

Getting Curvy with Keras

Whenever I am trying to understand a new concept, I always like to start with the very basics – the fundamental concepts that can be built upon to eventually build complex systems and great products.

Understanding & Creating Binary Classification Neural Networks with Computational Graphs from Scratch

Learning about neural networks can often be an ordeal, with cursory and convoluted content plastered all over the internet. Through my second blog, I again try to demystify every nut-and-bolt that goes into making neural networks.

Eigenvectors from Eigenvalues

In the recent paper from Peter B. Denton, Stephen J. Parke, Terence Tao, Xining Zhang, a new proof is presented demonstrating the contruction of the squared norm of the eigenvectors of a Hermitian matrix using only the Eigenvalues and the submatrix Eigenvalues.

Coding habits for data scientists

If you’ve tried your hand at machine learning or data science, you know that code can get messy, quickly. In this article, we’ll share techniques for identifying bad habits that add to complexity in code as well as habits that can help us partition complexity.