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Racial Bias Found in Algorithms That Determine Health Care for Millions of Patients

An algorithm that a major medical center used to identify patients for extra care has been shown to be racially biased.

Netflix just open-sourced Polynote, a cool Machine Learning, and Data Science workflow tool

Netflix just announced the open-source launch of Polynote, a new Polyglot notebook type that supports multiple languages, including Python, with Apache Spark integration, first-class Scala support, as-you-type autocomplete, and more.

Understanding searches better than ever before

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the 15 years working on Google Search, it’s that people’s curiosity is endless. We see billions of searches every day, and 15 percent of those queries are ones we haven’t seen before--so we’ve built ways to return results for queries we can’t anticipate.

Amazon Data Science Interview

Amazon deploys Deep language learning capabilities with Alexa and provides cloud infrastructure for AI via AWS. It also build and deployed some of the world’s first recommendation systems at scale on Amazon.com. Amazon also provides cloud credits for research.

An inside look at LinkedIn’s data pipeline monitoring system

Monitoring big data pipelines often equates to waiting for a long-running batch job to complete and observing the status of the execution. The status can result in “Failed” or “Successful” or even “Incomplete.” From there, it’s the team’s job to understand the impact and troubleshoot the situation to identify a solution. This way of monitoring isn’t effective given the lack of visibility into the job progress and the amount of time involved in waiting for a job to complete.