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What is a manifold?

In machine learning, the term manifold is thrown around a lot—in fact, there’s even a branch of machine learning dealing with learning the structure of manifolds. Said branch is aptly named manifold learning. Inspired by fantastic visualizations of shapelet mining algorithms, this post aims to give a visual introduction to manifolds that is accessible for non-mathematicians and mathematicians alike.

Building a Feedforward Neural Network from Scratch in Python

Feedforward neural networks are also known as Multi-layered Network of Neurons (MLN). These network of models are called feedforward because the information only travels forward in the neural network, through the input nodes then through the hidden layers (single or many layers) and finally through the output nodes. In this post, we will see how to implement the feedforward neural network from scratch in python.

Teaching machines to reason about what they see

Researchers combine statistical and symbolic artificial intelligence techniques to speed learning and improve transparency.

Captcha Breaking Tutorial

A few months ago me and my friend decided to work on a project that breaks annoying captchas in course registration website. It was a fun project and a nice opportunity to put our knowledge into a real-world example. Throughout the process we have learned a lot, so I decided to write a tutorial that breaks down the steps we took. I hope this helps someone out there with a similar goal and if you have any suggestions feel free to contact.

A list of great resources to become a better data scientist

Becoming 1% better at Data Science everyday.