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A Visual Exploration of Gaussian Processes

Even if you have spent some time reading about machine learning, chances are that you have never heard of Gaussian processes. And if you have, rehearsing the basics is always a good way to refresh your memory. With this blog post we want to give an introduction to Gaussian processes and make the mathematical intuition behind them more approachable.

A Beginners Introduction into MapReduce

Many times, as Data Scientists, we have to deal with huge amount of data. In those cases, many approaches won’t work or won’t be feasible. A massive amount of data is good, it’s very good, and we want to utilize as much as possible.

Introduction to anomaly detection in python

There are always some students in a classroom who either outperform the other students or failed to even pass with a bare minimum when it comes to securing marks in subjects. Most of the times, the marks of the students are generally normally distributed apart from the ones just mentioned. These marks can be termed as extreme highs and extreme lows respectively. In Statistics and other related areas like Machine Learning, these values are referred to as Anomalies or Outliers.

Random Forests for Complete Beginners

Last month, I wrote an introduction to Neural Networks for complete beginners. This post will adopt the same strategy, meaning it again assumes ZERO prior knowledge of machine learning. We’ll learn what Random Forests are and how they work from the ground up.

Google launches an end-to-end AI platform

As expected, Google used the second day of its annual Cloud Next conference to shine a spotlight on its AI tools. The company made a dizzying number of announcements today, but at the core of all of these new tools and services is the company’s plan to democratize AI and machine learning with pre-built models and easier to use services, while also giving more advanced developers the tools to build their own custom models.


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