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Lingvo: A TensorFlow Framework for Sequence Modeling

Lingvo is the international language Esperanto word for “language”. This naming alludes to the roots of the Lingvo framework — it was developed as a general deep learning framework using TensorFlow with a focus on sequence models for language-related tasks such as machine translation, speech recognition, and speech synthesis.

Generating More of My Favorite Aphex Twin Track

Have you ever heard a song you liked so much you wished it would last forever?

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Science

The latest AI algorithms are probing the evolution of galaxies, calculating quantum wave functions, discovering new chemical compounds and more. Is there anything that scientists do that can’t be automated?

How I Eat For Free in NYC Using Python, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Instagram

I’m going to explain to you how I’m receiving these free meals from some of the best eateries in New York City. I’ll admit — it’s rather technical and not everyone can reproduce my methodology. You’ll either need a background in Data Science/Software Development or a lot of free time on your hands.

Mistakes, we’ve drawn a few

At The Economist, we take data visualisation seriously. Every week we publish around 40 charts across print, the website and our apps. With every single one, we try our best to visualise the numbers accurately and in a way that best supports the story. But sometimes we get it wrong. We can do better in future if we learn from our mistakes — and other people may be able to learn from them, too.