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Realtime Interactive Visualization of Convolutional Neural Networks in Unity

This video gives an overview over a project I've developed for the "Visualization 2" Lecture from the Visual Computer Masters program at TU Vienna, aiming at supporting the explanation of Convolutional Neural Networks with interactive visualization.

Training a Conditional DC-GAN on CIFAR-10

This post describes how to setup a Conditional DC-GAN to generate images from all the classes of CIFAR-10 data.

Realtime tSNE Visualizations with TensorFlow.js

In recent years, the t-distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (tSNE) algorithm has become one of the most used and insightful techniques for exploratory data analysis of high-dimensional data. Used to interpret deep neural network outputs in tools such as the TensorFlow Embedding Projector and TensorBoard, a powerful feature of tSNE is that it reveals clusters of high-dimensional data points at different scales while requiring only minimal tuning of its parameters.

Seam Carving

Implementation of SeamCarving method that allow to remove an object from a photo.

High School Guide to Machine Learning

Being a high schooler myself and having studied Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for a year now, I believe that there fails to exist a learning path in this field for High School students. This is my attempt to create one.