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A History of Artificial Intelligence

From ancient civilization to the present day.

Machine learning for graphs

The world of machine learning and data analytics has never been more exciting than the last 5 years or so. Most importantly, there seems to be no end to the good times. The digitization of human activities generates vast amounts of valuable data. These data need advanced algorithms to make sense of and capable data scientists and machine learning engineers to guide them in finding the needle in the haystack.

CS 188: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

This course will introduce the basic ideas and techniques underlying the design of intelligent computer systems. A specific emphasis will be on the statistical and decision-theoretic modeling paradigm

Deep Learning Papers Reading Roadmap

If you are a newcomer to the Deep Learning area, the first question you may have is "Which paper should I start reading from?" Here is a reading roadmap of Deep Learning papers!

What They Don’t Teach You in Machine Learning Courses

Data science is an integral part of building an efficient ride-hailing platform. At Taxify, it took us just one year to build a strong and agile data science function which works on state-of-the-art solutions and deals with optimising millions of rides happening in real time.