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Data Science Cheatsheets

List of Data Science Cheatsheets to rule the world.

Training on the test set? An analysis of Spampinato et al.

A recent paper [31] claims to classify brain processing evoked in subjects watching ImageNet stimuli as measured with EEG and to use a representation derived from this processing to create a novel object classifier.

Simple Bash script's for Data Science

With Simple bash scripts can perform the installation/Configuration of many of the Data Science Tool, Lib and Application.

5 papers about Project Management in Data Science

In this post I would like to share a small review about 2 article and 3 papers with a lot of useful ideas about how to manage data science projects.

Homemade Machine Learning

The purpose of this repository is not to implement machine learning algorithms by using 3rd party library "one-liners" but rather to practice implementing these algorithms from scratch and get better understanding of the mathematics behind each algorithm. That's why all algorithms implementations are called "homemade" and not intended to be used for production.