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How to cut through the AI hype to become a machine learning engineer

I’m sure you’ve heard of the incredible artificial intelligence applications out there — from programs that can beat the world’s best Go players to self-driving cars.

The cold start problem: how to build your machine learning portfolio

Because of what our startup does, I’ve seen hundreds of examples of personal projects that ranged from very good to very bad. Let me tell you about two of the very good ones.

Practical AI

Empowering you to use machine learning to get valuable insights from data.

GANs Demystified — What the hell do they learn?

This article is a summary of the research paper “GAN Dissection: Visualising And Understanding Generative Adversarial Networks”. The paper provides an excellent insight into the internal representation of GANs and gives a close answer to the following question.

Regression Assumptions

In this video we will explore the assumptions for regression.