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A (Long) Peek into Reinforcement Learning

In this post, we are gonna briefly go over the field of Reinforcement Learning (RL), from fundamental concepts to classic algorithms. Hopefully, this review is helpful enough so that newbies would not get lost in specialized terms and jargons while starting. [WARNING] This is a long read.

Intro to Machine Learning on Android — How to convert a custom model to TensorFlow Lite

For developers, the ability to run pre-trained models on mobile signifies an important shift towards edge computing. By being able to perform data processing straight from the user’s phone, private data remains in their hands, apps run more smoothly without having to wait for cellular networks, and your company’s cloud bill is significantly reduced.

Peeling back the curtain

While we take care to identify our sources, we have not often published the data behind them. Sometimes, this is for good reason: some data are proprietary or otherwise not ours to publish.

Writing a Neural Net from Scratch

The best way to understand neural networks is to get your hands dirty and write one. In this session, I'll show you how to code up a neural net for image recognition from scratch - all in C#, and without using any libraries. From the bottom up, we'll discover gradient descent, activation functions, and backpropagation.

Piano Genie: An Intelligent Musical Interface

Piano Genie is in some ways reminiscent of video games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero that are accessible to novice musicians, with the crucial difference that users can freely improvise on Piano Genie rather than re-enacting songs from a fixed repertoire. You can try it out yourself via our interactive web demo!