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GPT-J: GPT-3 Democratized

There’s quite a similarity between cloud native and Artificial Intelligence. Things here move pretty fast, and if you are the curious kind, you would always be excited to explore new and exciting tech. It’s kind of bad as sometimes you get distracted by some new technology so much that you skip your work.

Understanding Contrastive Learning

Contrastive learning is a machine learning technique used to learn the general features of a dataset without labels by teaching the model which data points are similar or different.

Ray: A distributed framework for emerging AI applications

Ray is a thriving open-source project focused on “providing a universal API for distributed computing” - in other words, trying to build primitives that allow applications to easily run and scale (even across multi-cloud environments), using an actor-like framework.

The future of Deep Learning is photonic

Computing with light could slash the energy needs of neural networks.

Big ideas in machine learning, simply explained

The rapidly increasing usage of machine learning raises complicated questions: How can we tell if models are fair? Why do models make the predictions that they do? What are the privacy implications of feeding enormous amounts of data into models?