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Learn more about Wynter Research Panels

Want to give back to the community while having a low-key side hustle ($90-$180/hr) to fund your habit? Wynter is looking for people to join its research panel. Answer research questions about websites, be compensated for every test. Takes ~10-15 min to be part of one test, small time commitment.

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Why machine learning algorithms are hard to tune (and the fix)

In machine learning, linear combinations of losses are all over the place. In fact, they are commonly used as the standard approach, despite that they are a perilous area full of dicey pitfalls. Especially regarding how these linear combinations make your algorithm hard to tune.

Machine Learning From Scratch: Model Deployment and Continuous Integration

This article will focus on deploying our model including building a Chrome extension that can make calls to a REST API. Afterwards we will discuss how to setup continuous integration so that we can constantly update, test, and deploy the latest version of our project.

A better way to build ML — why you should be using Active Learning

Data labelling is often the biggest bottleneck in machine learning — finding, managing and labelling vast quantities of data to build a sufficiently performing model can take weeks or months. Active learning lets you train machine learning models with much less labelled data. The best AI-driven companies, like Tesla, already use active learning. We think you should too.

The Practical Alternative to the p Value Is the Correctly Used p Value

Because of the strong overreliance on p values in the scientific literature, some researchers have argued that we need to move beyond p values and embrace practical alternatives. When proposing alternatives to p values statisticians often commit the "statistician's fallacy," whereby they declare which statistic researchers really "want to know."

Easy to use, state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation

This package provides easy to use, state-of-the-art machine translation for more than 100+ languages.