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How NOT to learn Machine Learning

A few tips on how NOT to start with Machine Learning. I also present a better way on how to start learning it.

Training BERT at a University

Here’s how we train enormous machine learning models on a random assortment of GPUs.

Better Set Representations For Relational Reasoning

Incorporating relational reasoning into neural networks has greatly expanded their capabilities and scope. One defining trait of relational reasoning is that it operates on a set of entities, as opposed to standard vector representations.

NumPy Illustrated: The Visual Guide to Numpy

NumPy is a fundamental library that most of the widely used Python data processing libraries are built upon (pandas), inspired by (PyTorch), or can efficiently share data with (TensorFlow, Keras, etc). Understanding how NumPy works gives a boost to your skills in those libraries as well. It is also possible to run NumPy code with no or minimal changes on GPU¹.

ArtLine: A Deep Learning based project for creating line art portraits

The mission was to create something that converts any personal photo into a line art. The initial efforts have helped to recognize lines, but still the model has to improve a lot with shadows and clothes. All my efforts are to improve the model and make line art a click away.