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A radical new technique lets AI learn with practically no data

“Less than one”-shot learning can teach a model to identify more objects than the number of examples it is trained on.

Understanding Confusion Matrix, Precision-Recall, and F1-Score

Why accuracy shouldn’t be the only performance metric you care about while evaluating a Machine Learning model.

Translating lost languages using machine learning

System developed at MIT CSAIL aims to help linguists decipher languages that have been lost to history.

A holistic representation toward integrative AI - Microsoft Research

The quest to achieve universal representation of monolingual text is our X-code. As early as 2013, we sought to maximize the information-theoretic mutual information between text-based Bing search queries and related documents through semantic embedding using what we called X-code.

Deconstructing Maxine, Nvidia’s AI-powered video-conferencing technology

In this post, which marks the first installation of our “deconstructing artificial intelligence” series, we will take a look at how some of these features work and how they tie-in with AI research done at Nvidia. We’ll also explore the pending issues and the possible business model for Nvidia’s AI-powered video-conferencing platform.