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RudderStack: An Open Source Segment Alternative

Customer Data Infrastructure, offering Segment API compatibility, multiple hosting options, fixed infrastructure based pricing & powerful real time transformations.

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Math Behind Generative Adversarial Networks Explained

GAN is considered as one of the greatest breakthroughs in the field of Artificial Intelligence. In this video, I've tried my best to explain the core concepts of GANs.

Enhancing your photos through artificial intelligence

In this blog, we are going to present our latest efforts in image enhancement. The first technique enhances the image resolution of an image file by referring to external reference images.

Understanding Principal Components Analysis

Principal components analysis (PCA) is a statistical technique that allows identifying underlying linear patterns in a data set so it can be expressed in terms of other data set of a significatively lower dimension without much loss of information.

Implicit Neural Representations with Periodic Activation Functions

Implicitly defined, continuous, differentiable signal representations parameterized by neural networks have emerged as a powerful paradigm, offering many possible benefits over conventional representations. However, current network architectures for such implicit neural representations are incapable of modeling signals with fine detail, and fail to represent a signal’s spatial and temporal derivatives, despite the fact that these are essential to many physical signals defined implicitly as the solution to partial differential equations.

What I learned from looking at 200 machine learning tools

To better understand the landscape of available tools for machine learning production, I decided to look up every AI/ML tool I could find.