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Background Matting: The World is Your Green Screen

We propose a method for creating a matte – the per-pixel foreground color and alpha – of a person by taking photos or videos in an everyday setting with a handheld camera. Most existing matting methods require a green screen background or a manually created trimap to produce a good matte.

A Gentle Introduction to Cross-Entropy for Machine Learning

Cross-entropy is a measure from the field of information theory, building upon entropy and generally calculating the difference between two probability distributions. It is closely related to but is different from KL divergence that calculates the relative entropy between two probability distributions, whereas cross-entropy can be thought to calculate the total entropy between the distributions.

Text Classification: All Tips and Tricks from 5 Kaggle Competitions

In this article, I will discuss some great tips and tricks to improve the performance of your text classification model. These tricks are obtained from solutions of some of Kaggle’s top NLP competitions.


We’re introducing Jukebox, a neural net that generates music, including rudimentary singing, as raw audio in a variety of genres and artist styles. We’re releasing the model weights and code, along with a tool to explore the generated samples.

GANs in computer vision - Introduction to generative learning

In this review article series, we will focus on a plethora of GANs for computer vision applications. Specifically, we will slowly build upon the ideas and the principles that led to the evolution of generative adversarial networks (GAN). We will encounter different tasks such as conditional image generation, 3D object generation, video synthesis.