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What I’ve learned in my career as a Data Scientist

What career advice would I give to myself If I could go back in time? What did I do right and where did I go wrong?

Artificial Intelligence Meets Public Relations for Hyper-Evolved Media Outreach

Public Relations nowadays face difficulties with the ongoing global pandemic health crisis affecting thousands of people, limiting people of their daily activities such as work. Still, as election day draws near, it is needed more than ever.

Backpropagation and the brain

During learning, the brain modifies synapses to improve behaviour. In the cortex, synapses are embedded within multilayered networks, making it difficult to determine the effect of an individual synaptic modification on the behaviour of the system.

Bayesian Updating

You have a randomly biased coin picked from the uniform distribution U(0,1).  It is flipped 3 times and comes up heads twice and tails once.  What is probability that 4th flip is a head?

Understanding Maximum Likelihood Estimation

The maximum likelihood method is used to fit many models in statistics. In this post I will present some interactive visualizations to try to explain maximum likelihood estimation and some common hypotheses tests (the likelihood ratio test, Wald test, and Score test).